Funspiels are a great way to get out on the ice for a day and meet some new people. Games are typically 4-6 ends with some activities (and food!) thrown in off the ice too. You do not need to be a member (or a curler!) to register for these events.

Any member can plan and run a funspiel for the club - it is a great team activity! If you are interested in organizing a funspiel, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Iron Curler Classic Poster 


Iron Curler Classic Rules:

1. All games are 4 ends.

2. Each player throws 4 rocks per end.

3. Tie games decided by draw to the button.

4. No sweeping at anytime!

5. Players are not allowed to go past halfway down the sheet except prior to throwing the last rock of each end.

6. On ice officials will have the final say as to any rocks deemed out of play.

7. Free guard zone - 1st rock only.


Berth Spiels

Berth spiels are a competitive weekend designed for teams that are looking to compete in the many territorial events. In order to qualify for these events, a team must enter a berth spiel. Teams looking for some competitive practice, or just the experience, are also welcome to sign-up. This results in some high quality competition with a little fun thrown in as well!

New this year is the Travelers division, designed for club curlers who wish to qualify for the Travelers playdowns but who may not yet have the game experience to feel comfortable playing against the more competitive teams in the Open Berth Bonspiel division. We hope that adding this division will increase participation from our club curlers so they can gain experience in playing more competitive games while still having fun and having a shot at some prize money.

Planned Berth Spiels for the 2017-18 season:

November 4th - 5th (includes Travelers division!)

December 2nd - 3rd

January 13th - 14th (includes Travelers division!)

January 27th - 28th

Be sure to check the Events Calendar for all the details.

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