Online Registration

Monday September 12th


At 9am on Monday September 12th online registrations for all leagues except Mondays seniors league will be open. 

Go to our website and click on the Registration Tab. All curlers, including junior programs must first pay an individual membership fee (except Mondays Seniors League) that can be found in the Products Tab. Monday Little Rockers & Juniors programs league fees are per person. The Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday League team(s) choose a designated teammate to pay the league fee(s) by clicking on the Leagues Tab. Teams split the cost of the league amongst themselves fee as they see fit. 

Please remember to pay for a locker in the Products Tab if you plan to leave your things at the club. You can tell the manager Bridget what locker number you have at a later date if needed. 

Registration Help!
If you’re struggling to get registered you can call me- the manager Bridget White at 867-873-4805, email or come to the Open House on Thursday Sept. 29th 6-8pm. 

Monday Seniors League
This year we’re keeping the Seniors League on Mondays 1:30 to 3:30 but handling registrations slightly differently. Registration for this program will open on Monday Sept 26th by calling the manager at 867-873-4805. This is a separate program that is currently being funded by the federal grant- New Horizons for Seniors to help encourage physical and social activities for seniors. Curlers ages 55+ are encouraged to come to the Open house on October 17th at 1pm to register at no cost, get out on the ice and socialize after in the lounge. If you’ve never stepped on the ice before but would like to try, all are welcome. If you are not able to get on the ice but still would like to watch and cheer on your fellow seniors please join us!

*If you would like to join another league in addition to this one the individual membership fee will still need to be paid. 

Learn to Curl
For ages 21+ $35
Monday night’s 7:30-8:30pm Oct 17, 24 & Nov. 7th
This beginners basics 3 week course will cover:

  • the layout of the sheet and basic curling terminology
  • rules and etiquette
  • equipment and safety
  • throwing the rock (set up, slide, release)
  • sweeping

Travis Weagant is our lead instructor and if you would like to come out and help him please email the manager at You’ll be teaching future curlers and showing them how much fun they can have on the ice!

*If you decide to continue curling after the Learn to Curl is over please email or call the manager Bridget for $35 discount off of your full Individual Membership fee.

Open House
Thursday September 29th 6-8pm in the YK Curling Club Lounge. 
Come get help registering, see the progress of the ice installation, find a team to join and socialize while snacking on some popcorn. The bar will be closed.

The curling season officially starts on Tuesday October 11th! 
If the ice is ready earlier we will be offering practice ice for registered members. 

 YK Curling Club will be closed on the following days during the season:
-Monday October 10th

December Holidays   
-League play suspended Dec. 19th- Jan. 2nd 
 (practice ice will be available during that time)

Curling Season ends
– March 25th

We hope to see you at the YK Curling Club this season!

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